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Cleaning and Caring For Fine China Dinnerware

Okay, you may have received your china as a gift or purchased it for yourself you must know that fine china is not like all the other dinnerware that you have in your kitchen. The cleaning and care of your fine china is very important if you wish the dinnerware to last, keep its beautiful sheen, and remains unbroken, chipped, or cracked.

The following tips should help you preserve your fine china dinnerware

Preparing to wash your fine china dinnerware

  1. When you are ready for kitchen clean up. Do not use metal silverware to scrap away the leftovers, use a rubber spatula. Scraping fine china dinnerware with silverware can leave those unsightly gray marks.
  2. Rinse the dish off shortly after eating so the food does not have time to stick especially with foods such as spaghetti that are acidic. These types of foods can stain your fine china.
  3. Line your sink with a soft towel or rubber mat, the entire bottom and sides. This will prevent the china from receiving scratches and dings.
  4. Never stack your china in the sink. Wash one piece at a time. This will prevent them from hitting one another.

Washing your fine china dinnerware

  1. Use only mild detergents – do not use abrasive or harsh cleaning agents.
  2. Use a sponge or soft dish cloth – never use abrasive pads
  3. Use only warm water
  4. Slide the china into the water to allow time for the temperature to distribute evenly. Temperature changes can crack or break fine china.
  5. Never use hot water especially for fine china with a metal trim. The hot water will cause the metal to flake away.
  6. Never rub any detergent on the metal trim, which can also cause it to flake

Protecting your fine china dinnerware from stains

  1. Remember, to rinse shortly after use.
  2. Tea or coffee cups can be cleaned using a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide, three parts water, with just a drop of clear household ammonia, shortly after use to help aid in preventing the build up of stains. Rinse with clear, warm water.

More tips for stains that are already present on your fine china dinnerware

  1. Use a small dab of baking soda to gently rub away the stains
  2. Sprinkle the stains with salt and gently rub away the stains
  3. A small amount of cream of tartar on a damp sponge will remove stains.
  4. Gray stains can be removed by rubbing with a small amount of toothpaste on a soft cloth.
  5. Stain from hard water or lime can be removed by soaking the china in warm water with citrus rinds such as lemon, grapefruit, or orange, overnight.

Caring tips for your fine china

  1. Instead of air-drying your fine china, to avoid spots always hand dry.
  2. Do not stack too many china plates one on top of another.
  3. When you stack, it is best to place a paper doily, or a rubber jar ring between each plate to avoid scratching.
  4. If you do stack your china plates, lift them off when ready to use instead of sliding.
  5. Do not stack your fine china cups
  6. Do not hang your fine china cups from hooks or pegs.
  7. Place your china cups on a shelf one by one in a row
  8. Keep your fine china dinnerware at moderate room temperatures. Extreme temperatures can cause your china to crack or break
  9. Do not place china in a box in a cold basement
  10. Do not place china in a box in a hot attic.
  11. When serving hot food, it is best to warm your china to stop the chances of shock in temperature changes.
  12. If you do notice fine, spidery surface cracks you can usually repair these by placing the china in a pan of warm milk for around 30 minutes. If the cracks are only surface deep, they should vanish.