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Top Brands of Fine China Dinnerware

When it comes to fine china dinnerware you will find a wide selection of styles in large department stores and even online. However, the actual brands for sale are rather limited. That’s because brands of fine china dinnerware have been around for a long time and really taken control of the market and not left a lot of space for newcomers. Nevertheless, some newcomers have broken into the market and created a name for themselves as well.

For example, names like Royal Doulton and Lenox have been popular brands of fine china dinnerware for years. These brand names are respected and almost everyone knows that these brands are of high quality. Newcomers that have broken into the market due to their success in other areas of fashion and design include Kate Spade and Vera Wang. Kate Spade became successful due to her purses and then she expanded her line to include fine china dinnerware. This is a favorite of new brides because the dinnerware is more trendy and the name “Kate Spade” resounds more with the younger generation than the Lenox, Mikasa, or Noritake brand names that are older and more established. Another newcomer is Vera Wang. She became successful thanks to her beautifully designed wedding gowns. Once she was in the market she began offering shoes, bags, and even fine china dinnerware so that every bride could use the Vera Wang brand for all her needs.

Other popular brands of fine china dinnerware include Waterford, Wedgewood, Royal Albert, Lauren, Royal Worcester Spode, and others.

The brand of fine china dinnerware you will want will depend on many things. All of the brands mentioned here are of top quality, so you should pick the brand you want based on the styles available, longevity of the line, and price.

For example, if you choose a Lenox design like Solitaire which has been around for decades then you are pretty confident that the design will continue successfully for years. But, even if it doesn’t, there are enough pieces from past years that you could complete your collection. If you choose a Kate Spade design this year and it is discontinued in a couple years and you haven’t completed your collection, or you simply break a plate, you will have significant difficulty trying to replace it or fill out your collection.

When it comes to the prices of the different brands of fine china dinnerware you will find they are mostly all competitive. There are some styles that are cheaper and other that are more expensive, but plan on paying $25 - $50 per plate.

Now that you know the popular brands of fine china dinnerware and some tips to help you buy the perfect china then you are ready to start shopping!