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Remy Dis Paris


Remy Dis Paris... original French jewelry designs, began in 1984 by it's artist and creator, Sami Teboul. Mr. Teboul was inspired to create authentic Parisian jewelry back in the sixties in St. Tropez. Years later he & his wife opened a small, chic boutique in the heart of Paris. His jewelry has been featured on French runways, in French Vogue and many fashion magazines. His following is great. As Paris is generally two years ahead of US fashions, we have the opportunity to bring you the latest trends.

Remy Dis is a contemporary work of art, masterfully handcrafted. Mr. Teboul simply uses the finest materials; Swarovski crystal, frosted glass, glass paste, glass enamel and beautiful hand selected beads. He begins by creating a theme, then chooses the brilliant 'stones' to create his look. Color is the key! Each piece has the same undertones. He shapes his designs in Pewter, then plates them in liquid copper, bronze or silver. Once plated he varnishes the metal to ensure it is hyper allergen. Once the stones are set & polished, Voila! Remy Dis. Each piece is stamped with Remy Dis Paris and comes with a guarantee and it's own satin signature bag. Remy Dis is named after the designer's family and is a family run business.

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