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Ulbricht Nutcrackers



Gunther Ulbricht may occasionally be present at Crystallia throughout the remainder of 2011 for signing events.  Please be sure to review/sign up for the Crystallia News Letter for further details regarding exact dates. 

This is a unique opportunity to authenticate your Ulbricht collection and make it part of the family heirloom.

To have your Ulbricht items signed by Gunther Ulbricht, please email us (info@crystallia.com or call us 1-888-276-3822) when you purchase the items you want signed. Crystallia will hold those items for Gunther to sign during the event.

Christian Ulbricht Nutcrackers Christian Ulbricht nutcrackers, smokers, and other collectibles make incredible gifts for the holidays. Christian Ulbricht's quality and attention to detail denote the style of these products made by the Ulbricht family in almost a 300 year family tradition.

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